A List of Google Alternatives

I used to love Google services and their policy of “don’t be evil.” The anagram solver tells me that the phrase turns into the word ‘violented.’ Well I definitely feel whatever that means.

I was a huge fan of Google Reader and Google Analytics. I even setup and managed google analytic accounts for websites that I created for clients. Not today.

I do understand it is probably cliche in the ever-growing hipster-tech community to be anti-google but I really don’t want to have my digital life attached to a single service where I am the product, which is also the reason I have a largely vacant Facebook account.

Here is what I have found out there to replace google (I am not getting paid to endorse any of these services, I just love them because they work the same or better than Google’s version):

  1. Google Reader TT-RSS
  2. Google Feedburner FeedPress (formerly URI.LV)
  3. Google Gmail Mail in a Box
  4. Google Drive NextCloud
  5. Google Docs FengOffice
  6. Google Analytics GoAccess

You run TT-RSS, NextCloud, and FengOffice on your own server with your own domain. For instance, I have my tt-rss installation at jr.jamescampbell.us/tt-rss. If you need help setting this up, send me a message via one of my contact methods below.